Imran Khan releases first message for Pakistanis from Adiala Jail

Recently, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, who is presently detained in Adiala Jail in connection with the cipher case, has conveyed his first message to the people of Pakistan since his arrest on August 5, 2023.

Khan’s message was disseminated to the public through his social media accounts, including Twitter. Here is the complete text of Khan’s message for the people of Pakistan:

“Chairman Imran Khan’s message to the people of Pakistan, shared via his family on October 10th”

“My initial days in unlawful detention at Attock Jail were quite arduous. I had no bed, and I slept on the floor, contending with insects and mosquitoes. However, as time passed, I adapted to the prison conditions.

It should be acknowledged that there exists a profound contrast between the Imran Khan of today and the Imran Khan incarcerated on August 5. Today, I am more resilient and robust in every sense—spiritually, mentally, and physically—than ever before.

During my incarceration, I seized the opportunity to immerse myself in in-depth study and research of the Holy Quran, in addition to other literary works, which fortified my faith. I also had the chance to reflect upon the past few years of my political journey.

Irrespective of the prison’s location and the conditions imposed upon me, I will not waver in my pursuit of true freedom, the rule of law, and Pakistan’s Constitution, which fundamentally includes the principles of free and equitable elections. Those who suggest that I should leave the country must understand that I am devoted to Pakistan, and I will remain here until the end.

Regarding the cipher case, it is essential to recognize that this fabricated case is designed to shield former Army Chief General Bajwa and Donald Lu. I held the esteemed office of the elected Prime Minister of this nation. Treason was committed against me and my government by General Bajwa, rather than investigating the foreign conspiracy behind orchestrating a regime change. I am facing charges for informing the people of Pakistan, the true guardians of this country, about this act of treason.”

Imran Khan releases first message

One thing that deeply troubles and grieves me is the suffering endured by my dedicated workers, who have been unjustly imprisoned. This is particularly distressing for our female workers, who have been in captivity for several months. It’s disheartening to witness a few individuals abusing their authority to satisfy their own egos. I earnestly implore the judiciary to ensure justice is served and order the immediate release of our workers.

“Lastly, do not lose hope. This period of adversity will eventually pass, as Allah has assured us that ‘with every difficulty, there is ease.’ Continue to raise your voices against this un-elected predatory group and those who enable them at every available platform. Persist in demanding a fair and transparent election in our beloved country.

I foresee that, on the day of the election, whenever it occurs, the people of Pakistan will turn out in overwhelming numbers to cast their votes in favor of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, transcending any attempts to deceive them. No matter how much these individuals may attempt to deceive, their ultimate fate is defeat.

Long live Pakistan!”

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