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in antiquity, People dwelled in caves, but as civilization progressed, they began to erect homes and structures. Initially, mud served as the primary construction material, but with the evolution of technology, people now utilize cement and other modern materials for building their houses.

The cement industry is a thriving and crucial sector in Pakistan, playing a significant role in our economy. In the midst of inflation, cement prices continue to climb steadily. Before delving into the price dynamics of cement, let’s first examine the various cement companies operating in Pakistan.

Cement Rate Today In Pakistan | Today Updated Cement Price

The current Cement Rate Today In Pakistan as per Market is offered to you 26 Sep 2023

Serial No Companies Price/50kg Bag
1 BestWay Cement Rate RS. 1,195-1,200
2 Pakcem Cement Rate RS. 1,200-1,205
3 DG Khan Cement Rate RS. 1,195-1,200
4 Fauji Cement Rate RS. 1,190-1,195
5 Lucky Cement Rate RS. 1,185-1,190
6 Kohat Cement Rate RS. 1,185-1,190
7 Cherat Cement Rate RS. 1,180-1,185
8 Maple Leaf Cement Rate RS. 1,200-1,205
9 Power cement Rate RS. 1,185-1,190
10 Askari cement Rate RS. 1,190-1,195
11 Pioneer Cement Rate RS. 1,185-1,190
12 Paidar Cement Rate RS. 1,180-1,185
13 Falcon Cement Rate RS. 1,185-1,190
14 Flaying Pakistan Rate RS. 1,160-1,165

White Cement Price in Pakistan 24 September 2023

1 Maple Leaf White Cement Rs. 1,800-1,900
2 Kohat White RS. 1,650-1,750

Precautionary Measures:

When working with cement, it’s important to:

  • 1. Wear waterproof gloves and a full-sleeve shirt since cement has a high pH value, which can lead to various skin and respiratory issues.
  • Store cement bags in a dry place.
  •  Avoid keeping cement stored for extended periods as it may lose its strength over time.
  • Store it carefully to maintain its quality and fineness.
  • Handle transportation with care.
  • During the winter, cover cement with plastic bags to prevent moisture absorption.

Cement Rate Today in Pakistan 2023 

Important Note

Cement Rate today in Pakistan have been sourced from the market. Please note that these rates may vary in your specific area, so it’s advisable to verify the current market rates before making a purchase. We cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies. Our role is solely to provide you with information regarding cement rates in Pakistan. If you come across any updates regarding changes in cement prices, please feel free to inform us through our ‘Contact Us’ page

Advantages Of Using Cement

Using cement offers numerous advantages in construction. It provides exceptional durability, ensuring that structures stand the test of time. Cement is also highly versatile, allowing for various applications, from building foundations to decorative finishes. Moreover, it’s fire-resistant, making it a safe choice for construction. Additionally, cement’s availability and cost-effectiveness make it a preferred material for builders worldwide.


Which is the largest cement plant in Pakistan?

D.G. Khan Cement Limited is a prominent cement provider in Pakistan. Owned by the Nishat Group, it was established in 1986 and has since become a significant player in the industry. The company boasts a substantial net worth of approximately 2.2 Billion Pakistani Rupees (PKR).

In which city of Pakistan multiple cement plants are working?

The central headquarters of D.G. Khan Cement is situated in Lahore, Pakistan. The company operates four plants in Pakistan, with two of them located in D.G. Khan, while the other two are situated in the Khairpur district and Hub Lasbela district, respectively.

Best cement brands in Pakistan?

  1. DG khan cement
  2. Maple leaf cement
  3. Best way cement
  4. Lucky cement
  5. Attock cement

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